Canturf web CANTURF CANBERRA USES T-L PIVOTS FROM WATER DYNAMICS Water Dynamics developed a custom irrigation solution for Canturf Pty Ltd, which has been growing instant lawn since 1967, longer than anyone in Australia. Andy Middleton, Canturf's Production Manager said that over that period the business has used two methods to irrigate turf, fixed underground with risers and sprinklers and, more recently, centre pivots.... read more

BartelCentrePivots TOWABLE HYDRAULIC DRIVE TL CENTRE PIVOTS Water Dynamics have undertaken two irrigation projects for Mr Gavin Bartel of One Tree Holdings P/L, on their "Greenbah" property, near Moree. Project Drivers In 2007, One Tree Holdings decided the best way to maximise bore water usage and save on labour costs was to install a centre pivot. Prior to 2007, the property was mainly dry land with an existing bore on site. ... read more

projects-CANTERBURY CANTERBURY T-L PIVOT IRRIGATION Greg Lovett, with wife Joanne and son Daniel, farm 861 hectares of peas, squash, pumpkins, sweet corn, broccoli, potatoes, onions, wheat, barley, ryegrass and black currants.Twelve years ago, Greg installed the first of twelve T-L linear irrigation systems.... read more

topImg02 BARRHILL CHERTSEY IRRIGATION SCHEME Water Dynamics teamed with Water Infrastructure Group and Tyco Flow Control in New Zealand to deliver the Barrhill-Chertsey Irrigation Scheme in Mid-Canterbury near Methven one hour south of Christchurch.Mid Canterbury farmers have few alternative sources of water and the new irrigation scheme will provide for more balanced use of the district's water and energy resources by easing pressure on ground water resources and reducing energy consumption for pumping. ... read more | download movie

lamattina LAMATTINA T-L PIVOT IRRIGATION "T-Ls Have Proved Themselves to be Low Maintenance, Reliable -- and Cost Effective."Backing up his observation that, Australia is a dry continent," Phillip Lamattina points out that his family's 6,000-acre farm in Northern Victoria averages only ten to 12 inches of rainfall a year. Unfortunately, even less falls on its sandy loam soil during dry spells like the one experienced last year.... read more

wilkins WILKINS T-L PIVOT IRRIGATION There are three primary differences that set the farming operation of James Wilkins off from all other users of T-L sprinkler systems:First, although his home is in New Zealand, all seven of his T-L systems are sprinkling grass in another country, Australia. Second, these T-L linear-move units aren't watering the usual field crops.... read more