Domestic Reticulation


Maximising the efficiency of domestic watering

Water Dynamics' home irrigation system the ideal way to conserve water.

  • By making sure water is precisely applied to your gardens and lawns.
  • Or, maybe you have a two-storey home and you want more pressure upstairs for the shower.
  • Do you want to connect your own bore or collect rainfall from your roof?
  • If you are connected to town supply, do you want to further treat or filter your water?
  • Or; do you want to install a grey water system?

Water Dynamics can supply you with the correct pumping water storage and water treatment system to suit your domestic water requirements.

We supply everything you need from the bore pumps and pressure systems to tanks, controllers, sensors, sprinklers. water filters and disinfection units.

We carry a range of spare parts and can service most brands of pumps.

We also carry under bench filters, water conditioners and ultra-violet disinfection units to safeguard the quality of the water you drink.