Measurement Sensors


Sensors provide feedback that lets you optimise your water usage, improve yield and reduce waste

Our sensor range includes:

  • Rainwater Sensors
  • Soil Moisture Sensors
  • pH
  • Weather Stations

Other measurement sensors commonly used in the irrigation market are:

Flowmeters or Watermeters

Flowmeters and watermeters are an important tool for monitoring water use and water efficiency.

For a number of years there have been standards in place for use of flowmeters in the potable water market. Currently in draft format are proposed standards for flowmeters for use in irrigation applications.

Water Dynamics have been a contributor to these standards and can provide guidance, selection, supply and installation of the most appropriate flowmeter that will comply with the standards when released.

Water Quality Sensors

Water quality determines the suitability of water for a particular purpose.

We are experiencing critical water supply and water quality problems. These problems are expected to become worse over the coming decades due to drought, pollution, over extraction and climate change.

The complexity of water quality as a subject is reflected in the many types of measurements of water quality indicators. Some of the simple measurements listed below can be made on-site (temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen, conductivity) in direct contact with the water source in question.

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