Micro Irrigation


For maximum targeting, maximum watering efficiency

Water Dynamics micro-irrigation systems enable precise watering of plants on or below the soil surface in situations like greenhouses and nurseries.

Micro Irrigation is low pressure irrigation method which saves water and fertilizer applying water slowly and directly to the root zone in quantities that approach the consumptive use of the plants.

In addition, nutrient levels which are applied with water through the system can be controlled precisely.

We can help with all aspects of your system from the control station including the pump, backflow prevention system, chemical injection system for fertilizers and other chemicals. Combinations of different filters, main line valve and flowmeter. Micro irrigation systems have many potential advantages.

These include:

  • Water Savings
  • Reduced Flow Rates
  • Application of Chemicals
  • Improved Quality of the Crop
  • Adaptation to any Topography