Drip Irrigation


One of the most efficient ways to use water

Drip Irrigation is the slow application of water directly to the plant's root zone, using 'drippers' or 'emitters' to maintain an optimum moisture level in the soil at all times resulting in reduced water loss to the sun and wind. No water is wasted on non-growth areas and the root zone is maintained at its ideal moisture level.

In today's market, drip irrigation is well-trusted and used extensively in agriculture, and is actively utilized in commercial horticulture.

This method causes the water to be pushed deeper into the soil and helps to promote the plants' roots to grow downward and not just laterally as they would with shallower watering. The very low flow of water from outlets on a drip system also enables you to water a much larger area from a single water source.

Less water usage equals a larger single watering zone.

Other advantages of using low flow drip systems is that you do not necessarily need high pressure to supply the drip systems and they can be automated to further save time and labour. Water Dynamics offer a full range of drip irrigation designs and quality components which enables us to put together the system that exactly meets your needs, also meeting the increasing demands of efficient water use along with accommodating difficult terrain.